I’ve not posted since May. Since then I have started many event reports, but never got round to finishing them. Hence I have here a quick summary of the year’s highlights, together with some thanks to all the great folks that have helped me out.

I had some good results this year, especially at the beginning of the year where I managed to train properly:

  • I had a second place at the Sherwood Pines BMBS.
  • In May, Jack Richards an I rode ourselves into the ground for third place at Ten Under the Ben. Some more endurance work, and probably setting a less fearsome pace, might have seen us hold onto the lead.
  • July saw me riding for the Glencroft Rabble to the win at Twentyfour12 in the 24 hour senior category. Jack Richards, Ewan Thorburn, Gavin Shirley and Jamie Maxwell were incredible teammates. Special thanks to Gav and Ewan for sharing the 20 hours of driving to Plymouth and back.
  • In August I took the win at the 4th round of the Nutcracker MTB series. After a start straight tangle with the lane-rope I got up and rode the legs off myself to catch and pass everyone but Tom Bell who unfortunately broke his front mech and had to withdraw. The cramp in the last km was not enjoyable.
  • Also in August I had my best ever ride at the Selkirk Marathon. Top 10, 4h 15min and some great company on the way round in the form of Martin Graham, Greig Walker, John McCaffery and Roy Hunt.
  • Second place in the inaugural Edinburgh 48 race was quite pleasing. Was just like the old days, with Rab Wardell taking the win.

Huge thanks to my sponsors:

  • Steve at i-Cycles in Innerleithen. Great coffee is served hourly.
  • Helen at Innerleithen MTB racing. I hear she’s making a comeback in 2011.
  • Steve Parr at MSC UK for the pit support at BMBS races.

Many thanks go to Emma for putting up with my pre-race anxiety, and my folks for the support at races. Also Becks for doing my bottles at Sherwood, and Paul Newnham for running to the second feed zone to hand up a bottle I missed.

Finally thanks to all the people who come to, organise, and support racing.

Here’s to the 2011 season.