Cables. Loads of them! I can’t be the only one with dozens of cables taking up foot-room under the desk, and tempting fate that something will get pulled off the desk. I have a fair few things plugged in, so obviously a lot of cables going on:

  • Macbook
  • Two external HDs
  • Surround sound reciever
  • Desk lamp
  • Mouse charger
  • Phone charger

Last night while I was tidying up, I decided to do something about it. Instead of having all the cables under the desk, why not put them on the outside? My desk sits against the wall on two sides, so this means the cables sit in the gap between.

Basically all I did was:

  1. Measure the size of the screw mount on the back of my power adaptors. Drill in the appropriate place, and screw in some round-headed screws. (Fig 1)
  2. Mount my power adaptors on these screws. (Fig 2)
  3. Plug everything in as you require. (Fig 3)

I also moved my subwoofer to the same side as my receiver, so the only cable that crosses my legroom now is the right-hand speaker cable, which I’ve taped to the underside of the desk.

Now I have loads of free legroom, don’t need to worry about pulling cables, and can plug and unplug things without having to reach down under the desk. Brilliant.